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What is BetFury? 

BetFury – Leading iGaming platform with our own-developed games, great features, valuable products, internal BFG token, and TOP partners! We are interested in creating a bigger, profitable, successful, and enjoyable platform for everyone. Therefore, we take the maximum capabilities of blockchain development with an off-chain betting system to provide a number of advantages: scaling of the platform, paltry commission, min bets and instant transactions.

What’s the role of BFG in your platform?

BFG is the utility token of the BetFury platform launched on BSC with the max supply of 5 000 000 000. BFG’s unique mining solution, by placing bets, and Staking opportunity became a hallmark of the BetFury project. Once you’ve got and start holding BFG tokens on BetFury you can receive a part of the platform’s profit from the Staking pool. BFG tokens can be mined by playing games on BetFury. To get BFG just place bets in any available currency. 

Why did you decided to sponsor the Vulkania CL?

Vulkania is one of our TOP partners and we value our partnership. When Vulkania started a new CL project it looks very interesting and promising, so we decided to become a part of the history. We always ready to support our partnership with different events, so the CL is one of them. We hope all of the users will enjoy participating the Crypto League and voting for BetFury.

How many active users do you have in your platform?

BetFury has over a million registered accounts, 15k+ daily active users and 200k+ social media community. We always try to hear the wishes of our users and became the best platform as possible. If you’d like to be a part of our wonderful community join our social media and be aware of the latest news, promotions and updates:

Where is Betfury based?

The BetFury team has united crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world. We support the idea of anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies and iGaming. BetFury has public representatives, who are ready to get in touch. You can find some of us on social networks and communicate personally. 

What are your next big steps/developments this year?

The main goals remain listings on top DEX and CEX exchanges, as well as the development of utility for the token in the gaming field and the crypto industry in general. As well we’re going to add new games, improve our bonus system, present updates for VIP users and much more! Our users will definitely see more decentralized solutions

How do I buy BFG?

Buy, sell and exchange BFG on one of the TOP exchanges: Biswap, ApeSwap, BabySwap, Pancake, CoinTiger, Hotbit, MATE and others. Biswap exchange is the fastest and easiest way to buy BFG. Everyone can become a lucky BFG owner in few minutes with our powerful exchange-partners. 

Is BetFury a P2E project?

We were a P2E platform even when it was not on the hype😅 BetFury is more than P2E project. It is a platform of like-minded people, who knows how to have fun. BetFury presents the most popular own developed in-house games in the iGaming scene playable with TOP cryptocurrencies

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