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Here is the summary for the month of March 2022:

Some numbers for you

About VLK

  • 7,663 Total holders
  • 32,303 Total transaction
  • 812 Transactions in February
  • 2.8M Mcap +11%
  • 2M VLK transferred +66%
  • 108,738 VLK transaction reflection reward to holders 💸 +66%
  • 21,747 VLK reflection fee burnt 🔥 +66%

Our amazing community

  • 8,142 Telegram members
  • 39,437 Twitter Followers +9%
  • 54 Tweets
  • 155K Tweets impressions +55%
  • 5,546 Mentions

App stats

  • 26,908 unique visitors +88%
  • 69,028 sessions +85%
  • 186,034 page views +139%
  • 🏆 The most visited dashboards were: #1 Brewlabs (19,783 views) , #2 Sugarland (9,402 views), #3 Fantom (7,499 views), #4 Wolf Safe Poor People (6,462 views), #5 Raze Network (5,362 views)
  • Top 5 visitors by country were: #1 United States, #2 Germany, #3 United Kingdom, #4 Netherland, #5 Turkey

Listing of 34 new dashboards in Marc

At the moment, the two supported blockchains are: Ethereum (ERC20) & Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

34 new dashboards have been listed on March:

  • Pacoca PACOCA
  • Decentraland MANA
  • Aimedis AIMX
  • NFTGamingStars GST
  • Hummingbird Egg Token HEGG
  • Sugarland SUGAR
  • xWIN Finance XWIN
  • KamPay KAMPAY
  • HummingBird Finance HMNG
  • Vita Inu VINU
  • Binance-Peg Avalanche AVAX
  • Binance-Peg Polkadot DOT
  • Binance-Peg Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • Binance-Peg XRP XRP
  • Binance-Pef EOS EOS
  • Binance-Pef Cardano ADA
  • USD Coin USDC
  • Dai DAI
  • Binance-Peg Cosmos ATOM
  • Binance-Peg Filecoin FIL
  • Binance-Peg Tezos XTZ
  • ForeverGrow FGROW
  • RugZombie ZMBE
  • CroxSwap CROX
  • Beach Token BEACH
  • Puli PULI
  • ApeCoin APE
  • Griffin Art GART
  • BillionHappiness BHC
  • HappinessToken HPS
  • Hibiki Finance HIBIKI
  • Shib Army SHIBARMY
  • Banccio SBANC

Registration opening for Vulkania Crypto League

It is possible to register for Round 1 of the Vulkania Crypto League since April 17, 2022.

Round 1 will start on April 04, 2022 at midnight. If you haven’t registered yet, it’s here.

Quick reminder:

  • Round 1 will last 10 days during which you can play your boosts and manage your team. Log in everyday to get your daily boosts.
  • The top 50 players will share 16,000 VLK. –> See the breakdown.
  • Brewlabs is sponsoring the first round. The spot prize is 500,000 Brewlabs to be shared between 6 winners. –> See the breakdown.
  • Being a Bronze, Silver or Gold player will give you more bonuses and a chance to win the spot prize. –> Learn more about the tiers.
  • We will burn 2,500 VLK per registered tiered player up to a total of 1,000,000 VLK.

AMA with Brewlabs, Round 1 sponsor

We received Maverick from Brewlabs team for a special AMA.

Maverick presents the Brewlabs project, the business and explains why Brewlabs chose to be the sponsor of the 1st Round of the Vulkania Crypto League.

A video recording of the AMA can be found here.

AMA with Vulkania CEO, Nicolas and Head of Business Management, Trevor

The next in the series of Vulkania AMAs post-launch of the Vulkania Crypto League was amazing. We enjoyed presenting all the engaging features of the game and answer the community’s excellent questions.

A video recording of the AMA can be found here.

We have also provided the transcript of the AMA for those that were not able to attend the live event.

Vulkania partners with BubbleMaps

Bubble Maps makes visualizing wallet data clear and simple by turning wallet addresses into interactive bubbles which show transactions as lines radiating to other bubbles, creating a visual web of interaction of blockchain data. […]

The partnership mutually benefits both companies. VLK token will be listed on Bubble Maps and Vulkania.io dashboard links will be placed throughout the BubbleMaps site for projects listed with both companies. […] New projects listed on Vulkania will be introduced to Bubble Maps’ services and vice versa.

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