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Season 2 - Round 10 Game in progress From 9/27/23 to 10/7/23, 12:00 AM
Ends in 8 days

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Past Rounds

Ended Ended 14 days ago 300 participants Season 2 - Round 9
From 2023-09-04 to 2023-09-14
25,000 VLK WON!
Ended Ended 1 month ago 308 participants Season 2 - Round 8
From 2023-07-31 to 2023-08-10
25,000 VLK + 100,000 CHRP WON!

Play to VULKANIA CRYPTO LEAGUE & earn crypto

The Vulkania Crypto League is an interactive management-style game that uses the performance of player's "team" of tokens to determine that user's position among other players on leaderboard.

How to play?

Step 1
Connect your wallet
Connect your wallet to register and play the next round. Hold VLK to get more benefits.
Step 2
Build your team
Build your team of 5 tokens by choosing among the tokens listed on Vulkania.io. Earn points thanks to their performances: price, transfers, dashboard visits.
Step 3
Use your boosts
Log in every day to get your daily boosts. Use them to earn more points and climb the leaderboard.
Step 4
Earn VLK and more
Be in the top 50 to win VLKs. Hold VLK in your wallet to enter the draw for a chance to win the spot prize.