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First off, we would like to thank the community for its continued support during this current phase of the ever-too-familiar market cycle within the cryptosphere. We continue to build and move forward. As the New Year gets underway, we hope to demonstrate our plan to continue making Vulkania data-rich, and a resource that communities can appreciate.

A New Dashboard for Every Day of The Year

In the calendar year of 2023, the team will list 365 new dashboards. This is a major undertaking that will end the year with over 500 Dashboards and will open up Vulkania to a much wider audience. These projects will be selected by our listings team or will be enabled through our open process that allows project owners or community members to apply. We hope to average around 90 listings per quarter and likely will see a bigger push in the back half of the year as we continually improve our onboarding process. More teams bring more players to the Crypto League game, and our UI is seen by more and further increases the opportunities for us to provide prizes by way of sponsorship to those playing.

Renewed Staking Pool

In January we will be launching another staking pool on Brewlabs that will run for 365 days and require a 365-day lock. There will be another 1% of the original VLK supply (400K VLK) as rewards to be split in that new pool. This is one of the incentive steps we are looking at in re-energising VLK as a token and providing further incentives to those holding and buying VLK, providing an earnings yield that rivals many in crypto, yet is still supported by our low supply and fully circulating token supply.

Buy-Tax-Free Eruption Hour

We will also kick off the year with our first “Eruption Hour”. For a 24-hour period, taxes will be set to 0% for buys and 30% for sells. After the 24-hour period, taxes will be set back to our normal tax structure. This was a feature we were excited to have available to us when formulating our new contract, and believe it is a great time to pass on some savings to those who continue to support and use Vulkania. Stay tuned for the dates of the eruptions planned throughout the year!

Buy Competition

A buy competition for the entire month of February (including during our Eruption hour period). The Biggest Buy in terms of the amount of VLK will win a 10,000 VLK prize which will be sent to the winning wallet at the beginning of February. 28 days to secure a bag of VLK and take your Vulkania Crypto League performance to the next level.

Exchange Listings

Whilst exchange listings can be hard to come about during extended downtrends in the market, Vulkania realizes that making VLK available in more places is a great thing for growing our user base. We aren’t able to divulge communications regarding exchanges, but CEX/DEX listings and wallet integrations are desired by the team and the community alike, and we will look to further strengthen our connections throughout the coming year for VLK holders.

Technical Development

Technical Development updates in Q1 will include changes to the Vulkania ranking and search system. Workings are underway on a feature that will enable Vulkania users to measure the performance of their assets and make improved investment decisions.

While no individual or team can affect the price, we are doing everything we can to keep pushing forward with the vision of mass adoption of our dashboards and more players in our Vulkania Crypto League which in turn will fortify our VLK and LAVA use cases. As we enable more communities to make use of Vulkania, we bring in more potential players for the Vulkania Crypto League.

The Crypto markets can be cruel, but as a product and a service, we are positioned much stronger than we were at considerably higher market capitalizations. By becoming a member of our community you can help us continue spreading the word about Vulkania, let people know about our dashboards, invite and challenge people to play in the crypto league, and share about your successes in the league on Twitter and socials. Pack your bag and let’s have a Lava fun!

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