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We are proud to bring you another great year with Vulkania. To kick off the year we want to first recognize our holders and showcase a few new features that will prove critical to future developments.

Subtle But Important Developments on Vulkania.io

Many of our community have already taken note and commented on the subtle UI changes seen on Vulkania.io

We have added a new metric “Max Players” which displays the projects that are most active on the Vulkania Crypto League. Many projects have understood the promotional potential of having an ongoing competition available for their use at will. As always, all our projects enjoy the benefits of the League without additional fees and can leverage additional promotional tools as needed. We pride ourselves in a smooth onboarding process for all our partner projects which frees them up for better communication and activity on the League. 

We have also added a search field that will prove critical in a future update.

New Staking Pool: 800,000 VLK Dedicated to Rewards

To reward our holders we have deposited 800,000 VLK (2% of the total supply) into a new pool. The staking rewards were deposited from the Vulkania Staking Reserve wallet. The pool requires a 365-day lock but has no fees associated with deposit or withdrawal other than gas. As always, our friends at Brewlabs and their easy-to-use, purpose-built tools will be hosting this promotion for us.

Part of what makes crypto powerful is its sense of community in which projects and their vibrant, active community members mutually benefit each other. With that sentiment, we make this pool available. Lava you.

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