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Vulkania has booked the king of crypto travel bookings Travala (AVA) for Vulkania Crypto League Round 6 starting July 10th, 2022. Among the many benefits this ensures Travala’s strong brand and product line is presented front and center in all League marketing initiatives during the round; a powerful and effective promotional tool for both Vulkania and Travala.

Travala’s sponsorship of the League is accompanied with an exclusive AMA in the Vulkania Telegram channel on July 7th, 2022 between the Vulkania and Travala teams. Discussions on the history between Vulkania and Travala as well as some of the challenges associated with developing mini-apps on Binance are sure to be top of mind for our audience.

The Vulkania Crypto League is an interactive management-style game that uses the performance of a player’s “team” of tokens to determine that user’s position among other players on a leaderboard. Through project selection and the use of unique bonuses applied to the player’s “team” of tokens, players strategize how to achieve higher scores in an attempt to climb the leaderboard. The top 50 players (free and tiered) share a prize pool of 12K VLK. Tiered players also share an additional lottery pool including $2,000 worth of AVA tokens.

It is always free to play the Vulkania Crypto League but holding VLK tokens in your wallet comes with some powerful benefits. Along with the myriad of additional daily boosts and bonuses, only tiered players can participate in the spot lottery system. 

Connect Your Wallet & Create Your Travala-based Team Before The Start of Round 6

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