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As the cryptocurrency industry matures past its adolescence so too has the requirements of both investors and the projects those investors seek. The way in which data is displayed to users and controlled by projects must also evolve with the maturity of the industry.

Ensuring stunningly attractive and user friendly data displays is our top priority at Vulkania. The transparency of the blockchain provides a wealth of transactional information, but the default features of explorers like etherscan.io or bscscan.com makes it difficult to easily trace the transactions of a particular wallet or token among wallets. 

Bubble Maps makes visualizing wallet data clear and simple by turning wallet addresses into interactive bubbles which show transactions as lines radiating to other bubbles, creating a visual web of interaction of blockchain data. Now with the potentially complex interactions of a wallet’s transactions simplified, transparency of important wallets such as team wallets or burn addresses becomes trivial. Making data useful makes knowledge accessible. 

The partnership mutually benefits both companies. VLK token will be listed on Bubble Maps and Vulkania.io dashboard links will be placed throughout the BubbleMaps site for projects listed with both companies. Additionally, it provides a unique marketing channel through each other’s onboarding processes. New projects listed on Vulkania will be introduced to Bubble Maps’ services and vice versa. This adds yet another way to attract projects to Vulkania.io alongside tools such as our Claim Portal or Vulkania Crypto League.

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