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Vulkania provides industry leading user experiences for crypto data aggregation and gamification to appeal to the wide spectrum of cryptocurrency enthusiasts while providing the administrative and promotional tools cryptocurrency projects need to remain successful.

As the crypto currency industry matures past its adolescence so too has the requirements of both investors and the projects those investors seek. The way in which data is displayed to users and controlled by projects must also evolve with the maturity of the industry.

However, Vulkania’s user experience must not be built only for the battle-hardened crypto veterans. It is built with accessibility in mind to ensure all users can find the data they need – whether advanced or basic – to appeal to the largest segments of the available crypto market. It is built with autonomy in mind to ensure all projects listed on Vulkania control the way their data is displayed while leveraging powerful promotional tools to bring their project to the forefront of visitor’s minds.

Markets Served

Vulkania seeks to serve three primary markets in the crypto data aggregation industry niche. The synergistic relationship among these three markets ensures a persistent stream of new market participants.

Cryptocurrency Investors & Enthusiasts

Investors and enthusiasts alike face an onslaught of data located in multiple locations across the web. Vulkania simplifies and aligns that data to become useful and convenient to the viewer while providing attractive and rewarding engagement features.

Useful Data

Data is a powerful tool but quickly becomes convoluted when it is provided without context across multiple sites. Vulkania ensures that the most relevant data for a project is provided in an attractive, easy to understand format such that basic due diligence can be conducted in a single visit.

Gone are the days in which an investor must visit Dextools to view the spot price chart, CoinMarketCap to check the token supply metrics and EtherScan to view chain transaction activity. All relevant data points are provided to users concisely with additional prompts provided from the project itself on how to further research within the said project.

Presenting data clearly and attractively enables engaged and informed decision making. Retaining users and bringing them back for future research sessions is our speciality.

Gamified Engagement

Ensuring visitors are not only provided with the information they seek, but are also provided opportunities to engage with our entertaining Vulkania Crypto League, earning rewards whilst staying plugged in to the projects we host and that they represent. Data is useful, but for many investors, once they are satisfied with their investment decisions for the short term they have little incentive to continue exploring new projects. Incorporating gamification using the same useful data helps projects remain more visible to prospective investors and ensures visitors have rewarding reasons to regularly visit Vulkania.io

Gamified elements are found in two primary forms. 

Firstly, management-style competitions in which users select projects and apply strategic decisions to improve their chances of earning rewards. The first in this suite of games will be Vulkania Crypto League which provides clear benefits to not only the users participating in the league, but every project listed on Vulkania. Users being rewarded with VLK and other sponsor project tokens (tokens other than VLK included in the the league prize pool), and projects included in the league itself thereby improving their exposure. 

Additional games and game styles are currently in development and will be further defined by the results we analyze from the Vulkania Crypto League.

Secondly, community driven actions in which users have a direct effect on the visibility of a select project. Visit competitions and voting are prime examples of this in which the community’s action of visiting or voting on the dashboard improves the project’s score and visibility within the application.

Lastly, actions taken on the site can translate into greater rewards or strategic gameplay enhancements in one or more of the gamified elements throughout the application.

Cryptocurrency Projects

Projects building blockchain-based solutions face a plethora of challenges which Vulkania addresses. 

Projects Control Their Data

Firstly, projects need control of how their coin data is displayed. There cannot be a fully autonomous solution given the numerous ways in which supply, burn and minting tokenomics can be combined. Due to this either the data aggregation supplier or the project must control how key data points are displayed. 

Take popular data aggregators CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko for example. In many instances, projects must actively petition support channels to have their supply data or even their logo updated. 

Vulkania removes this frustrating bottleneck such that projects can manage their own tokenomic data so they can get back to progressing their products instead of muddling around with administrative issues created by other data aggregators. All the tools currently at the disposal of popular data aggregation solutions have been given directly to listed projects on Vulkania.io.

Cross Promotional Reach

Vulkania prides itself in fostering relationships with every project listed. Each new project listed represents an integration of the new listing project’s community into Vulkania’s community and vice versa. This cross promotional relationship not only improves the exposure of Vulkania, but of all listed projects. From simple Twitter cross promotions to more project-integrated solutions such as the /dashboard Telegram command which outputs a project’s Vulkania.io dashboard in a sleek social card, the working relationship between Vulkania and the projects listed provides mutual resiliency in even the most saturated industries.

Control Sales Channels & Comms

Very few new projects are simple payment channel solutions. Most projects in today’s crypto industry are advanced solutions requiring precise communications and sales funnels to adequately convey the magnitude of what they are attempting to achieve and solve. 

For example, does a project want a potential investor to go to their product website or their informational website first? These subtle differences make an impact on the opinions of users or investors in a crypto currency industry saturated with brilliant ideas and flashy products.

By allowing projects to control which sales channels and communications they want highlighted over others using custom links, Vulkania further passes much-needed control back to the projects.


Focused Audience Targeting & Effective ROIs

Cryptocurrency data aggregation allows for self-identification of the traffic visiting Vulkania’s suite of applications. By visiting and interacting with the site, it can be assumed a visitor is interested in cryptocurrency due to the nature of Vulkania.io. This specialized targeting improves the value of our audience to advertisers as a portion of the demographic “guesswork” has already been removed for them thereby offering them more focused targeting of their advertisements.

Product Line

A robust product line designed to appeal to the various stakeholders in the three primary market spaces in which Vulkania will function: Investors, projects and advertisers.


Vulkania Crypto League

The Vulkania Crypto League is an interactive management-style game that uses the performance of a player’s “team” of tokens to determine that user’s position among other players on a leaderboard. Through project selection and use of unique boosts applied to the player’s “team” of tokens, players strategize how to achieve higher scores in an attempt to climb the leaderboard and win VLK tokens as well as the tokens of our listed partners participating as sponsors to the game events.

The Vulkania Crypto League will be built directly into the existing application, but will exist in its own section of the site. We want to ensure that those that enjoy Vulkania.io for its robust and elegantly displayed data can still use the site for their due diligence and monitoring needs without gamified elements crowding up their screen. The game will be available to all users should they decide to explore it.

The Vulkania Crypto League represents the first application of a full suite of gamified engagement options for users and projects alike. All of which will have improved game elements for those players who have VLK in their wallets. No need to lock or stake the VLK tokens. Simply the act of having them in the connected wallets unlocks powerful features that provide a competitive, but fair advantage to the user’s play.

Visit Competitions

An attractive yet simple means for communities to influence their favorite project’s position on the Vulkania Rankings. Visit competitions can place two or more projects in a head to head competition for the amount of dashboard traffic they are able to generate over the duration of the competition. 

Unique UI elements are placed into the application when a competition is running. These competitions can be purchased or won by the participating project(s).


DAAS Ecosystem

Aggregating the most useful and trusted data sources on cryptocurrency, Vulkania synthesizes the data into useful and accurate information for visitors.

Vulkania Check

Vetting services projects can choose to participate with Vulkania in order to provide additional transparency and trust to their project. The Vulkania Check ensures the project is a legal business entity, the contract is audited, team-provided liquidity is locked and the team is doxxed. 

The supporting documentation must be submitted to Vulkania for the initial audit. Once approved, the project receives a visual badge next to their project name that identifies their project as passing the Vulkania Check.

Furthermore, redacted versions of all supporting documentation submitted to Vulkania will also be made downloadable to all visitors such to allow users the same access to due diligence information.

Vulkania Score

The Vulkania Score weighs the delta of visit engagement, delta of holders and total holders over a period of 24 hours creating an accurate reflection of a coin’s overall health. A proprietary algorithm producing each project’s Vulkania Score ensures that top spots on Vulkania.io cannot be simply artificially created. Ranking by only one metric such as market capitalization can be artificially generated for short periods of time as have been seen on other popular data aggregation sites in which a “no name” project rockets into the top 20 for a short period of time.

Advertising Reach

Global Banner Ads

The bread-and-butter of any traffic driven business, advertising space placed front and center on the application’s UI is available for purchase by projects and advertising companies.

Ads are purchasable in VLK or BNB. 

Ads purchased in VLK receive a 20% off discount; encouraging advertisers to purchase using the native currency. Of the VLK used for advertisement payment, 20% is burnt thereby reducing the circulating supply. The remaining 80% is allocated to the dedicated marketing fund. 

In the case where ads are purchased in BNB, 20% of the BNB is used to execute a buyback directly from the VLK market and burnt. The remaining 80% is allocated to the dedicated marketing fund.

League Sponsorship

Our suite of games will be available for sponsorship by projects listed on Vulkania. This simply boils down to having direct advertisements and participation in a defined duration of one of the running games.

For example, within the Vulkania Crypto League each round of the league games can be sponsored by a project currently listed on Vulkania. The project’s own tokens would be provisioned and distributed along with standard VLK rewards, thereby “sweetening the pot” for game participants. This would be in addition to social media, media and site advertisement “air time” for this project.


Q1-Q2 2022

  • Vulkania Crypto League v1.0 Released
  • Introduce New Burn Mechanism
  • Educational Tools
  • Continued improvements to user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and Search Engine
  • Optimization for our suite of products.

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Introduction of NFTs into Vulkania Crypto League
  • Additional dashboard features and tools:
    • New data metrics incorporated into UI
    • Token voting
    • MarketCap and Portfolio Calculation Tools
  • Continued improvements to user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization for our suite of products.

Q1-Q2 2023

  • Vulkania API Endpoints & Subscription
  • Vulkania Customizable Widgets 
  • Add Support of Additional Blockchains (Solana, Polygon, Tron)
  • Continued improvements to user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization for our suite of products.

Tokenomics & Allocation


Token Type: BEP-20
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Effective Circulating Supply: 20,000,000
Total Supply: 40,000,000
Decimals: 8


* Team-controlled wallets do not receive reflections


45% of total supply is allocated to PancakeSwap liquidity at launch and will remain locked. No ICO. No private sale. Fair launched on April 25th, 2021 using PancakeSwap.

Burn Reserve

20% of total supply is allocated for burns triggered quarterly based on the volume of transaction burns.

Operational Funds

15% of total supply will be allocated to non-salary operational expenses. Operational funds can be used at anytime for marketing, exchange listing or development purposes.


10% of total supply is allocated to team salaries. This wallet will remain fully locked for one year after launch. Thereafter, the wallet will allow for the withdrawal of 70k per month over a 5 year period.


5% of total supply is allocated to advisors. Advisors will help the Vulkania team to achieve their goals by providing experiences, influence and contacts.


5% of total supply will be allocated to direct giveaways and competitions to the community.

Reflections & Burns

Vulkania designed the VLK token to reward holders. Every transaction – buy, sell and move – is affected by a 5% reflection and a 1% burn.

Reflections are automatically sent to holders’ wallets as executed by the smart contract. No need to stake or lock coins in an LP. All holders receive reflections. Reflections are paid proportionally to the holder’s balance.

Similarly, burns are automatically sent to the burn address as executed by the smart contract.

Team wallets do not receive reflection rewards. Therefore the supply eligible to receive reflection rewards is approximately 20 million and will continue to reduce as transaction burns continue.

Token Utility


Payment of advertising services and access to improved game mechanics will both require VLK tokens.

Gamified Feature Enhancements

Powerful features that provide a competitive, but fair advantage to the user’s play are unlocked when the user has various thresholds of VLK within their wallet. The first iteration of this feature is seen in the Vulkania Crypto League.


5% fees go to holders of the token. The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of VLK that you own among holders.

Burn & Scarcity

1% fees are instantly burnt. This reduces the circulating supply and ensures the Vulkania token will become an ultra scarce token.

Progressive Burn

20% (8,000,000 VLK) of total supply is in a reserve for additional burns. 50% of total burnt fees will be burnt to increase scarcity of the VLK token.



CEO & Co-founder


CPO & Co-founder


Head of Business Management




Strategy Advisor


Strategy Advisor


Community Manager