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What better than a horde of Vikings to add to what is likely to be the most intense Vulkania Crypto League round to date?

Floki will be sponsoring the 5th Vulkania Crypto League round starting June 20th, 2022 which ensures all Vulkania.io visitors are exposed to Floki’s impressive ecosystem and expansive community for the duration of the round.

The Vulkania Crypto League is an interactive management-style game that uses the performance of a player’s “team” of tokens to determine that user’s position among other players on a leaderboard. Through project selection and use of unique bonuses applied to the player’s “team” of tokens, players strategize how to achieve higher scores in an attempt to climb the leaderboard. The top 50 players (free and tiered) share a prize pool of 12K VLK. Tiered players also share an additional lottery pool including 100M+ FLOKI.

The current market volatility translates into unpredictable and powerful choices when not only building your team but also applying boosts strategically. Points are earned through price change, transaction count change and dashboard visit change per hour. Any change, both positive or negative, adds to your point total so playing from the start of the round will be key to having a solid chance at maximizing your prizes.

As always, it is completely free to play. You only need to connect a wallet. The more vikings that join the battle, the more social pressure they will create as easily-sharable team roster images (which would obviously include Floki) can be created and shared with a few clicks. Time to blow up Twitter and Telegram.

Connect Your Wallet & Create Your Floki-based Team Before The Start of Round 5

Vulkania prides itself on the relationships it fosters with its listed coins and that includes collaborations beyond the League. At the core of Vulkania’s business model is attractive and relevant data. The Vulkania team has found much intrigue and potential in further collaboration with Floki’s Project L. More details to follow.

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