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With the growing success of the Vulkania Crypto League, we are proud to introduce a subtle but powerful addition to the League’s gameplay mechanics: Boost buys. With this new feature, users will be able to buy Vulkania Crypto League boosts with BEP20 and ERC20 tokens.

The deluge of new players from our launch success, our listed partners and League round sponsors has given our team volumes of invaluable data that indicates the balancing of the game is strong. Many of the previous round’s top 50 players were basic (free) accounts. We were very pleased with these results as we did not want to develop a “own-VLK-to-win” type game as Vulkania Crypto League was built to benefit our players as well as our partners and sponsors. With this quality balancing we are able to afford the implementation of the boost buy program without hampering that balancing. 

Boosts On Demand

Effective today, users will be able to buy boost packs which are separated into three tiers defined by the rarity and probability of particular boosts. To maintain fairness, boost packs will be random but the probability of particular boosts increase as you move to the higher tiers.

As can be expected, the most valuable and powerful boosts are most likely in the higher tier boost packs, but are not guaranteed. It’s a matter of probability and rarity.

Boost Rarity:

  • Common = +25%, +50% boosts of all types.
  • Rare = +75% boosts of all types, boost remover and random swap.
  • Super Rare = Selected swap and 2x multiplier.

Common Pack Probabilities

  • Common = 60% chance
  • Rare = 40% chance
  • Super Rare = 0% chance

Rare Pack Probabilities

  • Common = 30% chance
  • Rare = 60% chance
  • Super Rare = 10% chance

Super Rare Pack Probabilities

  • Common = 10% chance
  • Rare = 70% chance
  • Super Rare = 20% chance

Player Tiers & Game Mechanics Are Unchanged

It’s important to note that no other balancing element or game mechanic has been changed. There is no functional difference between the boosts a user buys versus the boost a user receives daily based on their user tier. Purchased boosts are played just like daily boosts. 

Tiered players will continue to receive their daily boosts regardless if they buy additional boosts or not. Boost purchasing is purely optional and certainly not required to win in the rankings.

Furthermore, bought boosts have no effect on the coveted spot prizes or any other random lottery in development.

Boost Purchase & Tokenomics

Boosts can be purchased using any BEP20 or ERC20 token that is currently listed on Vulkania.io except for VLK itself. Boost packages are purchased at a USD value amount of your specified BEP20 or ERC20 token. So, for example, if you wanted to buy the $10 boost using Token XYZ @ 10 cents per token, then executing the boost purchase would sell 100 of Token XYZ, plus any tx fees.This is all done for you automatically at market prices. Simply select the token you want to buy the boost pack with and confirm. Your boosts will be delivered to you as soon as the transaction confirms on the blockchain.

Tokens used to purchase boosts are converted into BNB and sent directly to the LAVA buyback wallet. The LAVA contract feature executes a direct market buy from PancakeSwap. In short: Every buy or sell of the VLK tokens and any boost pack purchased produces additional market buy pressure through the LAVA contract feature.
VLK token will not be available for use in boost purchases. Firstly and most obviously, if boost purchases are converted automatically into BNB as described above, that would place sell pressure on the very token that represents our company. Secondly, those with VLK tokens are encouraged to either use those tokens to acquire higher player tiers or to stake their tokens for attractive ROIs.

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