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Get Ready for Vulkania Crypto League

As our valued partners you may have already read the rumors about our upcoming Vulkania Crypto League to be launched on Vulkania.io. Well, we are wrapping up our beta testing now and wanted to make sure your project was ready to take advantage of the anticipated tsunami of traffic heading our way.

Vulkania Crypto League operates similar to a fantasy football style game, with players managing a team of 5 tokens throughout a 10 day period (a “round”), with a new round starting every 2 weeks. 4 of each player’s tokens are randomly assigned and the fifth needs to be selected by the player. All tokens listed on Vulkania.io are available for selection via the random 4 or the selected 5th.

This is important for our listed partner projects (you) in two important ways:

Benefits to Our Listed Projects (You)

Firstly, since 4 of the 5 teams are randomly assigned at the start of each new round this can place your project front and center to new visitors in your precise target demographic: Crypto Investors. The best way for players to influence their own score is dashboard visits. To help that along, players will need to introduce themselves to your project in hopes of generating some buzz to boost your project’s dashboard visits. A perfect win-win situation.

Secondly, in addition to the hyper-targeted introduction of your project to visitors mentioned above, your project enjoys the increase of general traffic and the impressions associated with user visits to Vulkania.io in general. The league games generate enormous repeat visits. Our beta testing has seen upwards of 40 visits from the same visitor over a 24 hour period.

All this translates to more eyes on you.

There is no cost associated with any of this. These are the baseline benefits your project can leverage simply by being listed on Vulkania.io.

Cross Promotional Opportunities

With that in mind we see a great opportunity in which we can bring a revolutionary way of ensuring ongoing engagement in the cryptosphere. The more players we can bring in at launch, the stronger our chance of hitting a critical mass of players that sparks a wildfire of traffic we all benefit from: More traffic to Vulkania.io and more eyes on your project.

We are launching the game in early April. Please watch our social channels or Telegram for an exact date. We ask that you support this launch through your own social channels. 

  • Invite your own community to play in the opening round. It’s 100% free to play and only requires a read-only wallet connection. We have made this social banner for you to use.
Example Tweet Post Copy: 

We’re live on Vulkania.io/league for the newest round on the #VulkaniaCryptoLeague. Be sure to pick [YOUR_CASHTAG] for your league team to increase your chances of winning from the huge prize pool.
  • Coordinate round start dates with your own news as a promotional tool in addition to your own core marketing. Have a new product release or development milestone? No doubt you have planned your own amazing marketing assets to promote the event. The league provides you yet another promotional asset to add to your stockpile of marketing. Good news about your project will likely pump your metrics. Pumped metrics are great for holders and great for people that choose you to be on their team that week. If they know you have big news coming, it’s a no-brainer to make sure you’re included on their team to maximize their chances of winning prizes. This social banner may be helpful in promoting that.
Example Tweet Post Copy:

Might want to pick [YOUR_CASHTAG] for your #VulkaniaCryptoLeague pick this round. Just a little suggestion. Its probably nothing…

Vulkania.io/league to register.

Direct Sponsorship of A Vulkania Crypto League Round

There are additional promotional tools available to all our listed partners in which you would directly sponsor a round or an entire season of the Vulkania Crypto League.

Project sponsors of league rounds receive prominent branding on all league game banners site-wide as well as an ad banner on non-league-specific advertisement space on the site. All eyes on you regardless if the visitors are playing the league games or just checking their token’s price activity.

Furthermore, sponsors are mentioned in all social media promotions during the round. 

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, your tokens are included in the spot prize pool. The winners of the spot prizes become your newest holders. Learn more about spot prizes.

Sponsors are required to provide a certain number of their token to be included in the spot prize pool, perform social channel announcements supporting the league round and your sponsorship of it as well as retweeting any of our own communications regarding the same.

Regardless if you take advantage of league sponsorship or just simply leverage the existing benefits we provide to all our partners listed on Vulkania.io we are confident we will mutually enjoy the attention the Vulkana Crypto League is about to bring to our project and yours. Let’s align our efforts in this build up to our launch day of the very first round of the league.

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